Meet the team of Monkee Mania Radio

Scott Catton

On Air
6 to 8 am/pm EST

I'm a big Monkees fan and collector. I first found out about them on Saturday mornings in the late 1960s-early 1970s. I really like both their music and the TV series. I started collecting their records in the late 1970s. I've worked for over 20 years in the broadcast industry, both in radio and TV. I've had the pleasure of working security for the Monkees when they received their Hollywood Walk of Fame star. I've also worked as Peter Tork's assistant and sold items for Davy Jones on a consignment basis for various record conventions and collectables shows. I've been a vendor at various Monkees conventions. I'm very happy to be a part of Monkee Mania Radio.

Alan Williams

On Air
4 to 6 am/pm EST

Alan Williams was supposedly born on the final day of the 1950's. and there is no truth to the rumor, that his father was in the delivery room pounding on the Doctor, telling him that if this kid doesn't come out before don't get paid!! lol He has always loved two things since he was a and the Monkees. Unfortunately, the powers that be in terrestrial radio didn't share the belief in his on air he left the radio business after 6 frustrating years. He got the itch again, when in 2016, his longtime friend and Monkees fanatic Al Bigley convinced him to team up to create the Texas Prairie Chicken Home Companion Monkees Podcast, which ran for nearly four years. It was during the podcasting days, that the idea to create this radio station came to him, and after more than two years of planning, hard work, and not giving up...Monkee Mania Radio was born. If you like it, it was his idea...if not...oh well. You can hear Alan weekdays from 8-10am, and repeating again at 8pm. You'll get stories, irrelevant factoids...the occasional dialect, impression, and even some things that are mildly humorous,,,'ll always get his passion and love for the music of the Monkees and more...because Alan IS...MMR! 

Jodi Blau Ritzen

On Air
10 to 12 am/pm EST

Jodi is a second-generation fan from the MTV era. Through hard work, Jodi started working for Nez in 2014 and then added to Micky's team in 2015. Currently Jodi does Meet and Greets with Micky and all personal appearances. Jodi has also collaborated with Micky for Official Micky Dolenz merchandise. You can check her website out at

Dough Hubler

On Air
12 to 2 am/pm EST

"Dough Hubler (“Unca Duck”) is a First Generation Monkees fan, a retired teacher, published novelist and entertainer. He brings his lifelong love of The Monkees to “The Unca Duck Show” with their music, their comedy, their episodes, and their concerts. Always anxious to share the love and appreciation with other fans, he strives to include the listeners with their requests and dedications, which can be connected through the official and the personal [email protected]."

Marty Ross

On Air
2-4am/pm est
Weekends 8-10am/pm est

Marty Ross is a Singer Songwriter and a DJ on MonkeeMania Radio. He was raised in Illinois and learned to play music at an early age . Ross imagined himself as a DJ when he was a pre teen and loved playing 45 rpm records . He would have his own Top Ten and used a microphone into his guitar amp to announce the most popular songs . Sometimes even his parents liked it. Marty grew up becoming a professional musician who has had his music placed in many TV shows and Movies. Marty was in the band The Wigs from Milwaukee who were and still are a regional favorite. Ross had a unique experience in the Monkeeverse by being selected by the Monkees producers to star in the short lived New Monkees TV show . Though initially received with less than mixed reviews the show and particularly their self titled album has gained a cult following. He is currently a lead singer for the legendary Wrecking Crew Live shows. Ross is optimistic and grateful to be a DJ on Monkeemania Radio and states “ there is quite simply nothing like MMR anywhere and it’s my honor to be a part of this grand experience “.

Charles F. Rosenay!!!

Wednesday 8-10am/pm
Saturday and Sunday
10-12am/pm est

Mick Lawless

On Air
M,T,Th and Friday
8-10am/pm EST
Weekends 2-4pm est